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Private Birthday Party Package

Private Parties start at $400.00 for the first 30 skaters and then $7.50 for every skater after 30.


You are responsible for all foods, drinks, and all party goods. Please note that confetti, silly string,  & stickers are not allowed


Parties are 2 hours long.


  • Friday Private Parties     5:00 pm to 7:00 pm are $400

  • Sundays Private Parties  7:30 pm to 9:30 pm are $400


All children count towards your total whether they skate or not. If they walk, they count towards your total even if they choose to not skate.


Please note: Remind all parents that extra siblings will count towards your total.


Non skating Parents and Grandparents of children in the party are always welcome to watch for free. 


If they choose to skate they will count towards your total.


Private Parties may show up 15 MINUTES EARLY ONLY and must leave within 15 minutes after your party.


  • We require a $150 deposit to book your Private Party.

  • Your Deposit applies towards your party.

  • Your Deposit is Non Refundable & Non Transferable

  • WE  accept cash, credit cards, apple pay, google pay, and Debit Cards.


  • Above prices does not include sales tax or GRATUITY which will be added to your remaining bill.

 Corporate Parties

 Teen Skate/Dance Parties 

After Hours Prom Parties

• Up to 30 Skaters


• 2 hours of Party time


You are responsible for all foods, drinks, and all party goods. 

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